Get Better Facebook Ads Performance in Less Time

Automation, reporting and analysis in one elegant package.

Save Hundreds of Hours with AdStampede

AdStampede is a focused suite of products providing solutions to Facebook advertising pain points.

Automate Mundane Tasks

Use our flexible and powerful rules engine to get the most out of your ad campaigns by automating frequent tasks.

Email Reports You'll Actually Read

Keep tabs on your accounts with mobile friendly KPI reports that tell you what is doing well and what isn't. Click on a link and it'll take you straight there.

Custom Reports

Build automated reports that highlight performance metrics, list custom metrics and tell you if campaigns are going to do worse or better in the future.

Awesome Product Features

Successful Facebook advertisers are constantly monitoring and making adjustments to their campaigns. We make that easier.

Advanced Reporting Tools

With AdStampede's Ad Grid tool, you can create automated reports and customize it how you wish. This in itself is not important (many tools do this), but what makes this tool unique is its analytical capabilities.

Our Ad Grid tool allows you to to do the following:

Set up custom metrics. There are metrics such as Add to Cart %, ROAS and Engagement % that are not visible in Facebook. However, having this metrics at your disposal will allow you to get a better idea how your ads are truly performing.

See Audience & Ad Copy relationships at once glance. Facebook success is highly dependent on having a strong relationship between your ad copy and your audience. However, it can be difficult to spot quantitative trends in Facebook's ad interface. We make it easy for you.

Easily plan your next moves. AdStampede's ad grid will let you know which ad sets are in need of attention. Future releases of the ad grid will suggest what you should do.

AdStampede Scoring algorithm (beta). We are working on a system where we'll essentially predict if an ad set will be strong for you and how long it will last before it needs to be rotated.

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Email Reports (on Steroids)

Instead of constantly checking your accounts, let us do it for you. Based on your custom parameters, we highlight what is going awry and give you one click access to go in and fix it. Keep track of budgets, performance, fatigue and more!

Automated Rules Engine

It takes a lot of work to have exceptional performance on Facebook. You have to constantly be checking ad performance, adjusting budgets, pausing losers, launching new A/B tests and keeping your budgets in line.

What is a performance obsessed marketer supposed to do?

With AdStampede's rule engine, you'll be able to automate a custom set of rules, specific per client, and have it run at specified time intervals.

AdStampede will monitor KPIs such as cost per acquisition or revenue and automatically make the right decision. It will then send you an email with everything it did.

It's like the perfect employee that never takes a vacation or a break!

Get Better Performance with Your Facebook Ads.

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